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Title:  Women At Risk – We Also Served

Authors:  Noonie Fortin

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Well Written Bios of Women Who Have Served

Most of us old veterans already know of Noonie Fortin, or at least have heard of her, from her website writings and her best selling book about Martha Raye. I know that is how I discovered her many years ago. Well, there is about to be a whole new generation of veterans and civilians who will discover her writings anew when they read her book, “Women At Risk - We Also Served.”

This book captures the historic lives of many wonderful women who served this country in various roles including some in combat zones. Her bios of women, who’s service spans a time from WWII through the present time, highlights stories and events that have not been told in this public way before. Her book breaks new ground as it shares personal memories that normally are only communicated between immediate family members. Although the majority of the stories focus on those women in military uniform, it also deals with volunteers who served their country in other ways. Every story is a gem in a treasure chest of pure history.

There is so much love in this book for the women profiled. You can see and feel the care that the author gives to each woman’s story. The author does not try to paint all these women as heroes, although many really are in the truest sense of that word, but as real people who made personal sacrifices for their country. Some of these women have also paid a physical and psychological price for their service. This book attempts to recognize their efforts and their many achievements.

This book is well written and lays to rest that old rumor that the author was actually born in a military footlocker! Noonie has a way with her words; making every story feel like you are sitting down with each woman in her home to listen to their personal tales in person. The book breaks into many short little chapters that make it a delight to read for people who have small blocks of time – like lunch time or between other life events.

This is a must read book. It is a book that will become a classic on women’s history.


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