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Title:  Wilber, the Littlest Pumpkin

Author:  Jan E. Culbertson

Publisher:  XLibris

Reviewer: Jeff Edwards Ė AAA member

Wilber, the Littlest Pumpkin is a delightful story of self-discovery and unconditional love.

Wilber is a pumpkin, living in Farmer Jonesís pumpkin patch. The farmer takes good care of the pumpkin patch, hoeing the weeds and watering every day, so his pumpkins will grow big and round. But poor Wilber lives at the very end of the vine. By the time all of the other pumpkins have finished drinking, thereís not very much water left over for him. He tries to grow big, like his brothers and sisters, but it just doesnít work. Heís the smallest pumpkin in the patch.

Halloween is coming, and the pumpkins begin to worry. Each of them wants to be chosen as a Jack-o-lantern. Itís the noblest fate that a pumpkin could wish for ó to make children happy, and to become the symbol of a major holiday. The other pumpkins whisper that Wilber is too small. Heíll never be a Jack-o-lantern. Heís going to be shipped to a big bakery in the city, where heíll end up as a pumpkin pie. Wilber doesnít want that. Itís just about the worst thing that can happen to a pumpkin.

October 15th arrives. Thatís the day Farmer Jones opens up his pumpkin patch, and lets the local children come in to choose pumpkins for their Jack-o-lanterns. The children rush in and walk up and down the rows, searching for the perfect pumpkin. As each child walks past, Wilber thinks, "Pick me! Pick me!" But the children all choose Wilberís larger brothers and sisters instead.

At last, a pretty little girl named Alani finds Wilber. She decides that he is perfect for her Jack-o-lantern. Her mother tries to change her mind, but Alani wants Wilber. Amazingly, she can hear Wilberís voice when he talks to her. She knows his name, and she knows that he wants to be a happy Jack-o-lantern instead of a scary one.

When Halloween arrives, Alani gives Wilber a big smile and happy round eyes. The children all love Wilber. Heís the happiest pumpkin theyíve ever seen. He doesnít have to be big or scary to be a great Jack-o-lantern. He just has to be himself.

Wilber, the Littlest Pumpkin, is bilingual, with the text in both English and Spanish. The illustrations are colorful and utterly charming. This book would be a wonderful Halloween gift for any small child.


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