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Title:  When Destinies Collide

Author:  Maurice H. Unger

Publisher:  Publish America

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Drugs, Hurricanes, and Revenge – This Novel is a real Thriller

U.S. Navy veteran Maurice Unger takes his readers on a thrill ride that is fresh, original and entertaining in his first novel “When Destinies Collide.” It starts off with a family trying to survive a hurricane and gang of drug smugglers with automatic weapons and then the action just escalates from there.

Well crafted with an interesting use of flashbacks in time so that you can see how things unfold as the author brings you into the now of the story. The use of dialog intermeshed with the occasional thoughts of the characters gives the reader a good sense of what is happening in the story and why.

This is one of those books that grabs you at the beginning and then moves you along until you realize that you are well into the book and are hungry to find out what is going to happen next. Unger uses his writing skills well to tell his story and it was a pleasure to read his book. This is entertainment at its best and if you like action based thrillers then this book is definitely for you! A can’t miss first novel that would play well as a movie.

Reviewer: Joe Fabel – AAA Vice President

The challenges and dangers faced by a family invaded by drug traffickers during a hurricane are shocking. Especially when cold blooded murder takes place.

In the warped mind of the leader of the druggies, revenge is sought for the death of his brother during their crime spree. In his mind all faults and difficulties are transferred to the victims. His twisted thinking fuels revenge.

We are led into South American territory where exposure to the manufacture of cocaine and the fight to be the top supplier are related. The daughter of the murdered parents pledges her FBI and DEA skills against those who do not value life, only financial gain.

Does she have the skills to succeed against such odds? Will her personal stamina sustain her when her own life is “on the line?”

Yes, this book is a story of good versus evil in our modern world; it is a story which contains elements found daily in the community of drug suppliers.

The reader will be presented with frightful scenes and nerve wracking incidents. You will be kept on edge throughout.


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