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Author:  Leonard D. Blessing Jr.

Title:  Warrior Healers: The Untold Story of the Special Forces Medic – Book 1: The Beginning

Publisher:  iUniverse

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Unconventional Warrior Medics—Special Forces Medical Sergeants

A truly fascinating history of the origin, development, training and deployment of Green Beret medical sergeants are chronicled in the book “Warrior Healers: The Untold Story of the Special Forces Medic – Book 1: The Beginning”. Author Leonard D. Blessing Jr delivers a manifesto of well researched information and actual comments from those who served in that capacity in the field. The book is loaded with everything you could possibly ever want to know about these men and their teams. The training alone shows what these men were and are made of. This is a profession of brave warriors who also have medical training to treat injuries, wounds and disease. They also can train others to deliver fundamental medical treatments and first aid. There is no other group like these enlisted men. They are not doctors but at times function in areas of the world where they are the only thing between life and death. They perform everything from amputations and operations to even dental work when called for.

The author adds a rich element to his historical accounting by including quotes from actual Special Forces veterans. This gives each chapter a real world view on what it was like in the field. The stories are remarkable and showcase a dedicated group of men that have not been fully understood over the years. This book will do much to educate the public on the services that these men gave and continue to give. These are not some wild “Rambo” types out there carrying out random acts of needless violence against some enemy; but a highly disciplined, well educated and thoroughly organized self-sufficient group of men who are an integral part of the teams they are on. These men are part of a well oiled military machine. There are no better trained and motivated men in the world! The author pays them high tribute with his book and honors their fine traditions.

There are photos, and personal comments from actual veterans that make this a more than just a cold history book. Blessing ties it altogether with a good use of narrative and makes the whole reading experience both entertaining as well as educational. The book contains a vast amount of information and one is amazed that there is much more to be told in the next volume in this series. This is Book number #1. But it reads like a complete accounting and you are not left hanging like some soap opera story. The author plans on taking the readers into later years of history but for now, this look at the past is basically focused on Southeast Asia. As good as “Volume One” is, I can only wonder how great the second installment will be. Suffice to say, this book is a great read all by itself. It is a product of meticulous research and interviews and it shows! I fully recommend this book for all history buffs or those interested in military’s Special Forces.


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