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Title:  Vietnam - No Regrets: One Soldier’s Tour of Duty

Author:  J. Richard Watkins

Publisher:  J. Richard Watkins

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

The Wolfhounds in Vietnam – One Man’s Tour of Duty!

I have read several books about the Wolfhounds now and I am becoming a strong believer that this was a special group of men. Author J. Richard Watkins writes his own memoirs from his “tour of duty” in Vietnam with the 1/27th Wolfhounds, 25th Infantry Division. He was there from late 1969 through 1970 and he chronicles his year long physical and emotional journey in his book "Vietnam - No Regrets: One Soldier’s Tour of Duty."

This is a grunt’s eye view of the real war that took place in the jungles and the rice paddies of Nam during that time. It is not about some guy’s imaged adventures in Saigon or some other in-country big base. This is about the guys who went out there for weeks at a time humping their equipment across the land in the heat and the rain. It is about the 10 percent of those who served in this war who saw combat and experienced warfare weekly.

The book explores the thought processes that go on while out on patrol or on an ambush. It covers the “Dear John” letter from home and his friendship with his fellow Wolfhounds. There is a subtle emotional thread that runs throughout this book that makes Watkins very human and vulnerable. Readers will find themselves liking the men he writes about and will be able to feel their pain and joys as well.

The book is well written. It is an honest portrayal of what life was like out in the field for the combat soldiers. The reader will feel at times that they are experiencing these events as first hand observers, as the author pulls us into the story with good descriptions and phrasing.

This ranks as one of the best books out about the Vietnam War from an ordinary soldiers’ point of view. A must read book. The author has captured the essence of that experience and that time in our history! I enjoyed the book very much and as a veteran, could relate to what the Watkins talks about and where he was at. I believe that non-veterans will gain a lot of knowledge about that historic time and the men who were a part of it by reading this book.

This book is given the personal endorsement of the AAA President.


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