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Title:  To Hell And Beyond

Author:  Beth W. Vinson

Publisher:  Mill City Press

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. AAA Founder

Amazing Story of Courage and Survival

Author Beth W. Vinson offers readers an inside look at what life was like for enlisted men held as POWs during the Vietnam War. In her book "To Hell And Beyond," she relates the experiences that SSgt. Nathan Henry shares with her. It is moving, emotional, and in some odd way, even enlightening. There is enough courage, faith and pain to make this personal story one for the ages.

These POW experiences are deeply moving and emotional; however, there are times, that it felt like the author did not intrude on the inner emotional sanctuary of SSgt. Henry. The reader suspects that the hurting process was still too raw; it goes much deeper then the sometimes causal comments from Henry. I sense that he is still masking some things which are just too hurtful and too painful to conjure up for others to read about.

Author Beth Vinson uses a very loose format in her story telling to allow the personality of her subject SSgt. Henry to strongly come through. She does not push her own views, or agenda, in the telling of his story. The book appears to be an honest reflection of what it was like. The author has captured that essence of the POW experience in Vietnam.

The book is a painful reminder of an unpopular war and some bitter times for this nation and its forgotten warriors. I was a veteran of that war. I remember an April day in 1967 when my own Huey helicopter was shot down and I was wounded. My co-pilot and myself had to escape and evade about 500 North Vietnamese uniformed troops (who had just shot us down) while waiting hours for a rescue aircraft to come and pull us out of the jungle. I came as close as I ever wanted to being captured. It was that fear that all of us had about being captured that made reading this book for me so emotionally hard to do.

I believe that Americans need to read this book and understand what these men suffered through and endured. I think it is certainly time for this country to fully embrace these men and truly welcome them fully home!

Buy the book, read it and share with others. This book is an education on what others have given for their country.

This book has earned American Author's Association's highest book rating!

This book receives the personal recommendation of American Author's Association's Founder!

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