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Author:  Emanuel A. Frenkel, Ph.D.

Title: Thrive! Catching the Spirit of Personal Economics

Publisher:  Delta Vista Press

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Finally a Readable Book for Personal Finances

UC Davis professor of economics and international finances, Emanuel A. Frenkel, Ph.D., has finally written a book that is aimed at the common everyday person and does not come off reading like a college text book. His book, “Thrive! Catching the Spirit of Personal Economics” but it could have been titled “Personal Wealth and Economics 101 for Dummies!”  The author takes you through the very fundamentals of personal economics; however, he treats his readers with the greatest of respect and educates them in the process of making economics entertaining. Yes, you read that right! There is actually a book on this subject that people will have fun reading. I know that if most people had a choice of either having their gums worked on in the dentist office, or attending a class of economics that it would be a hard choice. This book is for all of us regular folks.

Frenkel makes some huge promises at the beginning of his book in the Foreword that set up some very huge expectations:

  •  Find greater satisfaction in who you are.

  •  Develop a positive mental attitude about your role in the economy.

  •  Strengthen your desire to improve your economic well-being not only the growth of your material wealth, but also your physical, spiritual, and emotional wealth.

The list of promises about what reading his book will give you is a much longer list. I was most intrigued by his promise to not only improve material wealth but to also help the reader with their spiritual and emotional wealth as well. That is a huge undertaking for any book let alone a book on finances, money and basic economics. The good news is that the book actually delivers on the promises and then some.

This simple looking 138 page book is like a personal training guide for how you handle not just money but all things of value. It even has a chapter in the book about the power that comes from the synergy of cooperation. Frenkel points out that acting to serve others actually helps you in more ways then you realize. It also fosters a true sense of community.

This book deals with concepts that will free you from your own ignorance of those basic economic principles that hold you back from finding financial independence. There are many illustrative examples through his book that makes this an easily understood educational experience that is actually fun. I fully recommend that all households get a copy of his book. It would be a great graduation gift for any high school or college student about to go out into the cruel world unprepared for the realities of money and personal finances. This truly is one of the best books on the subject; but the only one I know of that combines over-all personal wealth with emotional and spiritual success too.


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