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Title: The Twins Platoon

Author:  Christy W. Sauro Jr.

Publisher:  Zenith Publishers

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. AAA Founder

Author's Obsession Becomes a Great Story

By Christy Sauro's own accounting he has put thousands of hours into the research and writing of his book "The Twins Platoon: An Epic Story of Young Marines At War In Vietnam."  The end result is a magnificent obsession! He has captured the heart and soul of those young Marines who were known as "The Twins Platoon."

On June 28, 1967, 150 young men and women were sworn into the USMC in front of thousands at a Minnesota Twins baseball game. The swearing in ceremony was just the beginning of many personal and sometimes heroic and even tragic stories of which the author shares with us. We get to follow the lives of some of these men as they go through basic training and eventually go to Vietnam. Some are killed, some physically wounded, others emotionally damaged, but all of them have changed in some way.

The problem of readjusting back to their old lives once they left the Marines is another issue the book deals with. For some, this transition ended in suicide, divorce, drugs or booze. Yet, some managed to over come the inner demons and go on with their lives successfully.

The book is obviously well researched and presents an anthology of stories that Sauro weaves into his over-all history of this group of Marines. It becomes evident that Marines are always Marines and that there is something special in being one. There is pride in the telling of these stories and it shows.

The subtitle says this is an "epic story"; that may be an understatement. The author will allow you to sense and feel the emotional and spiritual pain of these Marines. You will become engrossed in the book but more importantly, you will become changed. For those who have never served in combat it will be an eye-opener and those who have it will be a re-run through your emotional memories. It is well written, entertaining, educational, riveting, and an emotional story that is filled with a love of country, the Marine Corps and fellow veterans. A MUST READ! I personally recommend this book!

Reviewer: Stephanie Hanson AAA Member

One of my favorite books on Vietnam! Christy Sauro tells the story of a group of young Marines (adopted by the Minnesota Twins) as they go from boot camp to the aftermath of returning home.

His clear, concise writing makes it easy to follow the lives of a number of  different men - not always an easy task when you are dealing with the complexities of war in a foreign country. The people and places just come to life. And his writing is so poignant, even the people who appear briefly in the book capture your heart. I found myself crying as well as laughing at some of the day-to-day events.

These men are not only champions, they are also heroes and through Christy's stories, we will never forget them.


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