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Title:  The Price of Freedom: Poetry Honoring Veterans

Author:  Joe Fabel

Publisher:  PublishAmerica

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Patriotic Prose That Honors Veterans

It is an honest pleasure to see a man who has been so dedicated all his life to world peace and harmony, create such insightful prose to honor veterans. In his latest poetry book “The Price of Freedom: Poetry Honoring Veterans” poet Joe Fabel shows us how much he appreciates and understands the true price of freedom. He knows what it took for Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen, to fight for and secure that which most seem to take for granted. He has a unique view and understanding of veterans that is rare among those who have never worn a uniform or fought on the battlefields.

Fabel writes most of his poems as if they were from the point of view of an actual combat veteran. He captured the feelings, the fears, the courage and the emotions of that experience.  His poetry spans many wars and many varied themes of the veteran experience. His work is noble and full of love for veterans.

This book of simple prose is more than what it appears to be. The thoughts and the views expressed go much deeper than what a quick reading might indicate. Some of what he writes about digs deep into the nature of war and mankind itself. His work is truly an expression of the very soul of the veteran community.

As a combat veteran myself of the Vietnam War, I am honored to read the creative verses that he has gathered together for this book. It is an honest look at the heart of what war does to men and women who once fought those battles. He writes his poetry with the greatest of love and respect and it shows.

I think Fabel has captured the voice of veterans correctly in his poetic imagery. Most veterans will recognize what he writes about as being of their own sentiments and feelings. He is a gifted poet who honors all who served their countries in uniform.

For the readers of these poems, I suggest that you go slowly so you can fully digest and absorb the emotional impact of each poem not with just your mind but with your heart. His collection of poems is worthy to be included in your personal library of books. It is family friendly, heart rendering at times - but inspiring and uplifting from cover to cover.

Winner of the 2008 American Authors Association's Golden Quill Award!


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