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Author:  Terry A. O’Neal

Title: The Poet Speaks In Black

Publisher:  Motion Publishing

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Local Elk Grove poet and author Terry A. O’Neal, truly finds her voice in a moving collection of free verse prose called “The Poet Speaks In Black” that encompasses and reflects who she is. Her poems stand outside the circle of standardized thinking and common views and soars with her spirit. However, these poems are not confined to just her own African American culturealthough she proudly walks and displays that emotional aspect in her words and themes but she takes on a universal oneness quality that most all men and women can identify with. I personally felt the oneness she conveys with her poetry.

Her words translate feelings and emotions and conjure up inner visions of life around her. She transcends the ordinary at times and wanders across the pages with her simple words strung together that make emotional connections with the reader. Her over-all work in this collection is pure gold. I think the only way this book could be appreciated more would be to hear her give a live performance reading her poems in a gentle voice that I am sure would radiate with the fullness of her heart.

O’Neal even has a couple of moving poems that reflect the happenings of 9/11. The book over-all feeling is one of compassionate acceptance with who you are. She writes a wonderful poem to that effect in her strongest poem of the book titled “Birthmark.” She conveys full appreciation and comfort at being who she is“from toasted skin to chocolate dark.” and even with her place in life. These were obviously written by a very secure and confident woman. There is lots of that feminine energy flowing but not enough to scare away male readers. It is not pushed as any kind of agendashe just is what she is and it comes across as satisfied and honest.

I strongly recommend this wonderful book of poetry. It comes in a simple hardback book with a black front cover with an image of an empty stage with a microphone. On the back cover there is an elegant portrait of the poet herself. The book sells for $16.95 on line from her website; although you may be able to pick it up from other online book stores.

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