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Title:  The Company She Keeps

Author:  Georgia Durante

Publisher:  Signet

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. AAA Founder

She kept dangerous company - and what a great personal story it is!

Model, stunt driver, get-away driver for the mafia and now author, Georgia Durante, gives readers an rare insiders look at a world we never get to see. In her brilliantly written personal memoir, "The Company She Keeps," she exposes the underbelly of the mob. As a former mafia wife and friend to many of the East coast's biggest mobsters, she was in a privileged position to see and hear things that if she talked about could get her killed.

Georgia tells of a life that few can actually relate to in any fashion at all. First off, she is a stunningly beautiful young woman who begins modeling in her hometown. Then, she gets raped, beat up, has her life threatened, used as a get-away driver for a robbery, gets married and divorced several times, abused by boyfriends and husbands, sees friends and people she knows get beaten up and killed, escapes an abusive relationship, is a victim of a deadly stalker, arrested in Vegas, interviewed by the FBI, loses custody of her children at some point in time and creates her own stunt driving business. That only opens up a brief look at the complex world of emotional and spiritual experiences she has endured and survived through.

The book truly reads like a great action novel (like The Godfather) but it has so much more feeling and energy. We finally get to see and feel what this lifestyle is like from the female point of view. You come away realizing how strong this woman was and continues to be. She could have given up and had just gone along with the flow but she chose to take charge of her life and thus took some huge risks in order to become independent and healthy.

For readers who love the Mafia type genre this is a wonderful book. However, if you dig a little deeper into her story you will see an almost stealth like spiritual presence in her story as she evolves and grows emotionally and spiritually. Towards the end of the book, readers who are more in-tune with the universe, will see her change from someone out to have a good time and just survive to someone who is searching for the real meaning in her life. Georgia has taken up the cause of battered and abused women and uses her money, fame and connections for the betterment of others. She has truly come full circle in her life. She is still creating her life-story but one cannot help but come away from reading this book believing very strongly, that she will continue her spiritual quest for inner peace for herself and others. It is hard not to truly like Georgia, there is just something special that emanates from her very soul and it is not just skin deep!

I will admit that at times during the reading of this book that I was saddened and had tears for her situation. I even wanted to go strike out against those forces in her life that were so evil and negative. I hurt for her when I read about the abuse she went through. It was an eye-opener for me. I came away with a clearer understanding of the issue of abuse that women and children put up with. It was not comfortable to read but it is message that needs to be shared.

The book is a page turner and will emotionally move you long after you finish reading it.

A top rating of FIVE STARS!

The Company She Keeps receives the Founder's highest personal recommendation!

Winner of the 2009 American Authors Association's Golden Quill Award!


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