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Author:  Terry A. O’Neal

Title: Sweet Lavender

Publisher:  Motion Publishing

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

There are some books that start right off and grab your heart and squeeze it for all its worth, until tears roll down your cheeks. Hopefully, if you are a manly man you will not do this in public. Author Terry A. O’Neil truly sets up an emotional meltdown in her coming of age tale of a young black girl in her short novel “Sweet Lavender.” O’Neal has a way of building up the level of hurting by establishing the relationship through the narrative and the eyes of the young daughter Rae, who at the beginning of this story is only five years old. We learn quickly how much she loves her father. That is the set-up and the fall is an emotional one for anyone who has suffered a break-up of a marriage or their familyit is always hurtful and painful for the children involved. The author captures that feeling without laboring the issue.

O’Neal takes us through the break-up over the infidelities of the father with another woman. That other woman has had his baby but dies and this is where it gets rather complicated and dysfunctional. Rae’s father brings the child home to raise and to confess his affair. That is too much for Rae’s mother and eventually her dad cannot handle the scorn emotionally anymore and packs up and leaves. It takes a while for her mother to realize that he is not coming back. Meanwhile, she is stuck with his baby.

That is the foundation and the pretext from which the author constructs an inspirational and emotional tale. There are lots of gripping narrative and just enough use of good dialog that the story is an easy journey for the reader but certainly one beset with emotional issues. It is hard not to feel something while reading O’Neal’s book. She has a talent for turning the phrasing into emotional prose and captures the spirit of her main character. This is a family friendly book and I would think that mature juveniles though elderly adults would find this story enthralling and good entertainment. It can be easily read in one sitting and that is what may more than likely happen to most readers because you will get emotionally sucked into the plot of this story and will not want to put it down until you read that last page.

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