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Author:  Virginia E. Hansen

Title:  Stems of Life: Picked from the Garden of Survival; How My Stem Cells Saved My Life

Publisher:  Llumina Press

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

A Personal Tale of Survival and Love

Author and cancer survivor Virginia Hansen has written a book that is not only entertaining and informative, but it is also inspirational. Her debut book “Stems of Life” is a personal memoir of her courageous fight for her life against cancer.

The author uses a simple narrative to weave her life experience. She shares the intimate details of her battle against Hodgkins Lymphoma in much the same way that one would have a conversation with an old friend. Her writing style allows the reader to feel like the author is personally relating her experiences to you. It feels like you are sitting across the kitchen table having coffee together.

This book could become a life saver for some people, but it is certainly an inspirational story for all people to read regardless if they are struggling with some life threatening disease or not. I was personally moved and felt a desire to learn more about this woman.

I first meet the author at the television studios of Channel 10 in Sacramento this year (2007) where we were both waiting in the greenroom for our on-air interviews. She came across then, as someone very special, even though she makes no pretense to be anyone other than herself. She is more than just a cancer survivor—she is a real hero! I feel privileged to have run into her and to have read her wonderful book.

The American Authors Association (AAA) has nominated this book for one of its yearly awards! It also receives the Founder's endorsement and recommendation!

Reviewer: Joe Fabel – AAA Vice President

Virginia Hansen is the chief character in her book about facing the challenges of a possible cancer problem. Being concerned that the doctors were missing the culprit in their examinations, Virginia went on line to webMD.

She discovered that all of her trying symptoms indicated that she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Her doctor performed an immediate biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

What followed was a most trying and discouraging time for her. Yet, her strength of character and determination were strong. “I will see this thing through!”

Being informed that she would need to have chemotherapy along with a stem cell transplant, she knew that accepting such extreme procedures would provide the chance of saving her life.

With her husband Rand by her side, she went through many demanding medical processes which, luckily, were in the forefront of studies of this disease’s cure.

In reading this fully exposed experience, you will discover what stem cell transplanting is all about, at least as it applies to Hodgkin’s lymphoma. You are in for some surprises.

Thankfully for medical advances and Virginia’s strength of character she is now in complete remission. She wants to share her story to help others who face similar medical situations. She promises to be a comforting and knowledgeable guide.

Visit the author's website at:

Winner of the 2007 Golden Quill Award -

Inspirational Memoir of Illness and Recovery


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