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Author:  Gary L. Benton

Title:  Simple Survival – A Family Outdoors Guide


Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

A Straight Forward Must Have Survival Book!

Retired USAF Senior Master Sergeant and survivor expert Gary Benton has written the best outdoor guide for families – bar none, that I have read! “Simple Survival – A Family Outdoors Guide” is more than a book – it is an outdoor resource bible that every family should own. This is one of those books that you should have in your camping bag along with the tent and other equipment. However, reading it at home before you go off on some outdoor adventure would be a great help when potential situations happen.

This book is more than just a camper’s manual as it deals with surviving terrorism as well as how to handle bears, snakes and a host of other events and situations. One chapter which I found to be good, sound (and yet simple) advice is called “Ten Rules You Can Survive By!”

Benton has written many articles on survival that have appeared in magazines and on web pages across the globe – in this book he has taken all of his best advice that he has gathered over the years and put it all together in one handy format.

There is one chapter that deals with the greatest fears that all parents have – having your child get lost in the woods. This is a must read for parents. This information needs to be shared with all their children so they know what to do in the event of getting lost or separated from their parents or the campsite. This is the kind of information that you hope you never need to put into use – but if the situation does happen you will have increased the chances of a more positive outcome if everyone follows the suggestions for survival as outlined in that chapter.

It is evident that Gary Benton knows what he is talking about. When you check on his training records you will find that he has graduated from some of the military’s best classes that included surviving in the Artic, water (Sea and Ocean), mountain, and jungle environments. He is the expert – you can trust your life on that!

The AAA book review committee found that this was the best book on survival skills and advice that they have reviewed. It is in a league of its own! A MUST BUY FOR ALL AGE GROUPS!


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