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Author:  Glenda M. Carter

Title:  Sacred Shadow, Sacred Ground – A Vietnam War Widow’s Journey Through Unresolved Grief

Publisher:  Two Rainbows Publishing

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

A Vietnam War Widow’s Emotional Journey of the Spirit

The impact of losing your husband in a war is not something that you can just get over and move on with. There is a grieving process and for those young widows from the Vietnam War who got little to nothing from their communities for support—the process was never allowed to develop. In her personal memoir, “Sacred Shadow, Sacred Ground”, author Glenda M. Carter shares with us her grief, hurts, anger and eventual depression that followed her throughout her life.

Glenda became a war widow as a teenager after just three months of marriage. The death in Vietnam to her husband Bruce on September 11, 1968, also took a part of her own soul with it. Like most widows in the Vietnam War era, she never got any grief counseling or emotional support from her country. Much like Vietnam veterans themselves, she was outside the borders of this nation's love and acceptance. Unlike WWII veterans and widows, this country did not choose to acknowledge or extend kindnesses to those who fought there or those who died there. So Glenda suffered for most of her life isolated and alone trying to deal with the issues surrounding the loss of her husband.

The book takes us on a journey of emotional and spiritual discovery as Glenda writes a gripping account of what she was feeling and going through. She reaches out for the meaning of life and through a series of epiphanies and events that seem almost spiritually timed for her own understanding; she evolves and gains insights into her life and its meaning.

The book shows the author’s vulnerability through her intimate and compelling telling of how she coped with Bruce’s death. The book could be an insightful and useful tool for other widows trying to cope and deal with these issues. The pain of losing a loved one in any war is a universal emotional experience for which she gives it a personal face.

The book mixes in some short bios and information on those who were killed in that same ambush with Bruce. It makes the book more than just a widow’s tale and more like a requiem for those who fought and died with her husband that night in Vietnam. There is some insightfully strong poetry included as well as a great introduction by Laura Palmer, the author of Shrapnel in the Heart.

Sacred Shadow, Sacred Ground is a must read for all those who lost somebody in a war. It will not be an easy read as you will need a box or two of Kleenex tissues to get through it.


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