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Title:  Pushing Ultimates: Fundamentals of Authentic Self-Knowledge

Author:  Lew Paz

Publisher:  PlumBell Publishing

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. AAA Founder

A Rosette Stone for the Spiritual Journey

Author Lew Paz has certainly taken on a universe of self-knowledge and inner discovery in his most profound book "Pushing Ultimates: Fundamentals of Authentic Self-Knowledge." This book sets out to help all truth seekers along their inner journey. The author has done a tremendous amount of personal research, reading and actual living and has boiled down the basics of what he found. Paz points out that in his search he has lived and been to almost every kind of environment from large cities around the world to smaller villages, universities, libraries, churches, temples, the military service and even jails. He has learned much in his travels and studies and observations.

I felt a certain kinship with the author as I read his book; however, I was not expecting the depth of insightful observations and basic wisdoms that he shares with the reader. Paz culls the real wisdom he has absorbed through his life long pursuit for the truth- for some this may save them a lifetime of study while for others they could gain several lifetime's worth of spiritual evolution.

The book is not easy to read for several reasons - one of which is that it is not written for the average reader with 8th grade reading and learning skills but is gauged more for a college level understanding. The second issue is that the book cannot (and should not) be read quickly from cover to cover but assimilated slowly and savored within. This is one of those books that is best read over a long period of time. I would think that reading a page or two and then sitting and letting that understanding grow within might be the better way to read this book.

The author hits some major issues as he tries to move the reader along a path of learning and reflection. Some people will be offended who do not have open minds in the truest sense. He questions everything including all religions and ideas that most just take for granted. He has a valuable book here if one can invest the time and have the willingness to pursue the truth no matter where that might take them.

My only disappointment was that the author did not reveal more details about his own personal life journey. But then, that would have been a much different book. Paz has given us a rich treasure trove of spiritual gems - what more can we ask of any writer.

This is one book that could change your outlook - make that "your inner-look" at life. The author will push the reader to ask questions of him/herself and that is good. He will also force you to look at your beliefs and to re-examine what you thought was the truth. The book is one of the best inner maps to self-knowledge that you can wrap your hands around. I highly recommend this book.


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