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Title: Pollution IV

DVD: Vietnam Then And Now

Author:  Brian Wizard

Publisher:  The Starquill Publisher

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

A Condensed and Abridged version of “Permission to Kill”

Author and Vietnam veteran Brian Wizard has taken the heart and soul out of his successful novel “Permission to Kill” and has given us an abridged version that gets right into all the action. His book “Pollution IV” also comes with his ward winning DVD “Vietnam Then And Now.” The DVD is the New York Film Festival cut where it won honors as the best in its genre. So this package gives you your money’s worth with both a movie and a book.

You will find this set (DVD and Book) is entertaining, insightful and also historic. The film is a festival edited documentary showing the actual combat footage taken by Wizard in Nam during the war; some great shots and lots of action and with original music.

The book loses absolutely nothing in the abridged edition and in fact, may be actually a better reading experience for most. The novel follows our hero Willie Maykett through his “tour of duty”. The story is very loosely based on the actual experiences of the author. That only makes the action more real and believable. The title refers to the Huey helicopter that is used as a “smoke ship”. These were used to spray down a fog like smoke to screen the troops getting off other Hueys in an LZ. This protective low laying cloud would hang around long enough for the troops to unload and move out. The problem with that operation was that these particular aircraft took a lot of hits from ground fire.

If you are looking for an action movie and a good book to go along with it—there could be no better pairing. This is the perfect package for a gift for any veteran or anyone seeking to learn more about the Vietnam War experience.

Reviewer: Joe Fabel – AAA Vice President

Reviewed by Joe Fabel, MWSA Board Reviewer

The author features a fictitious individual who fights, fears and dangerously lives a tour in Vietnam as a door gunner. “ Willie” is this character who brings alive and personal the minutes, hours and days of close-in combat from the air. He is the embodiment of the real life Brian Wizard, a modern warrior who fought and served with great honor and distinction in Vietnam.

“Having NOT been there, having Not done that” this reviewer remains in awe at what was accomplished by those who served in that conflict. Wizard’s “Willie” becomes, from the beginning, a real individual possessing a commitment to “do the job right the first time.” He readily admits a “pucker factor of 10” when the LZ gets “hot.” No excuses for fighting with purpose, no second thoughts about enemy eliminated by his gun. It is “either you or me” in those conditions.

How does a “short timer” feel during the approaching end of his tour when he hears the command “Hey, let’s board for an emergency run to assist a downed ‘copter?” Willie steps up to his door gunner’s position hoping that he returns to the Birdcage at the end of the engagement. The bullet flying up towards his ship does not have his name on it; rather, just a 'To Whom It May Concern.'

Welcome back home, “Willie.” Maybe you are still too young to order a drink. We are very proud and pleased that you have returned home safely. That has been our daily prayer.


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