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Reviews (by Title)

Title:  One Master One Disciple: A Thrilling Spiritual Adventure

Author:  Jyotii Subramanian

Publisher:  Yogi Impressions

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Spiritual Food For Those on the Journey

Sometimes when I open up a new book I just know that there will be something of great value and importance waiting inside for me to discover—that was certainly the case for “One Master One Disciple: A Thrilling Spiritual Adventure.” Author Jyotii Subramanian shares her own personal life journey before and after she began a discipleship under the teachings of Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath.

In her book, Jyotii takes the reader on a rough and rocky road through her earlier life experiences before she found her guru. Her personal history shows that she was still in grasp of great emotional delusion and pain. That willingness to expose her individual faults and blemishes to her readers endeared her to me. It also made the rest of what she wrote about after meeting her guru that much more believable and important. She shares not only her life experiences but also some of her mystical inward journeys.

The life story she writes about is actually like two very different stories. It seems there are two different people she is writing about in her memoir. The obvious changes in her, after her association with Gurunath, become evident in her outlook and attitude about her life experiences. The impact of watching this personal transformation of her spiritual journey is a powerful and inspirational one for the reader. One realizes that her story is not so unlike many other people—except that she made choices in her life that brought great changes after finding her guru. The book shows that this evolutional process that leads us all to personal redemption and self-realization is just a matter of having a renewed spiritual focus, the right kinds of spiritual techniques (Kriya Yoga) and a loving teacher (guru).

I enjoyed reading her book. Actually, I savored and devoured it! This is not a book for closed-minded readers, or for those who are judgmental. It is a book that is best appreciated and digested if the reader has some knowledge of yoga. For those who may be unawares of her saintly Indian guru, I highly recommend reading his own book “Wings to Freedom.” Gurunath is one of those modern day yoga masters. He received the blessings and spiritual training in the Himalayan Mountains from the deathless avatar Babaji (who was first discovered by the Western world by those reading that spiritual classic “Autobiography of Yogi.”)

The author shares great insights from her own life and that of her guru. The telling style is easy reading except for some of the Hindu terms and references; however, she has provided a glossary at the end of the book to help. The stories of her relationship with Gurunath are told with such loving care that one can feel the closeness of that relationship.

I am familiar with the Kriya mediation techniques she talks about from my own line of Self-Realization Fellowship gurus. It seems that her path and mine both lead back to the same roots with Babaji. If one is a student of some form of yoga they will, of course, get much more understanding and a deeper message out of this book. However, if one knew nothing about yoga or Babaji it will still make for some inspirational reading. It is after all “A Thrilling Spiritual Adventure!”

I fully recommend this book which is soon to become a spiritual classic. I give this book The American Author’s Association’s highest book rating of FIVE STARS! I have also nominated it for one of that association’s annual book awards. It is that good! Buy it and read it!

Winner of the 2008 American Authors Association's Honorable Mention Award!

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