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Title:  My Beloved: Messages from God's Heart to Your Heart

Author:  Nancy Clark

Publisher:  PublishAmerica

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. AAA Founder

Loving Words from a Loving Messenger!

Author Nancy Clark has done two wonderful things with this book. First, she has written something that will inspire many; then she added a CD with the book that would be well worth the price of this book all alone! The book title "My Beloved: Messages from God's Heart to Your heart" really does clearly state what this book is all about.

Knowing the author, as I have been privileged to do, allows me to view her work through a filter of that friendship. She is what she is - there is no pretense in what she says, or tries to convey to the readers. She honestly soars with the angels, in her thoughts at times. To her, there is no separation between God and ourselves. She sees ALL as God's wondrous work. She feels a sense of great peace in her own heart - regardless of what is happening around the world or in her life.

The book is one of those that may be best read in smaller pieces - allowing the reader time to emotionally and spiritually digest each thought. This book could be read as slowly as a page a day and one would get great value from that experience. There is much wisdom in her simple and almost child like messages. (And I say that with lots of respect because the greatest truths are sometimes the most simple.)

Nancy Clark is on a mission; she is trying to change the world one reader (Soul) at a time. She is not selling any religion, or her own belief systems; she is trying her best to inspire others to seek what she has discovered for herself. There is nothing profoundly new, or earth shaking in her book but it will embrace you with its loving messages; it may just change you in some very positive way.

The book's CD is not just an add on bonus - it is a true gift for the heart and the soul. I fully recommend Nancy Clark's newest book for all readers no matter what their religion or spiritual creed may be. The love within these pages surely flows from God's own heart!

This book has earned The American Author's Association's highest book rating!

Winner of the 2009 American Authors Association's Golden Quill Award!



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