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Title:  More Than A Memory: Reflections Of Viet Nam

Author:  Victor R. Volkman

Publisher:  Modern History Press

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. AAA Founder

Thought Provoking - Emotional!

Victor R. Volkman has pieced together lots of different kinds of energy and emotions about the Vietnam war. In his anthology, "More Than A Memory: Reflections Of Viet Nam," he presents more than just the memories of veterans but insightful spiritual and emotional imprints from their very soul. There is much to like about this collection of stories, prose and poetry.

This book is not just a presentation of the typical Vietnam veterans, who like myself, never went to bed with the leftist ideology of the anti-war groups. It also gives the reader a different look at understanding those veterans who opposed the war. That may make some of us old veterans stand up and take notice - but in all fairness the editor chose not to censor, or limit the scope of the presentation. To me that is what I fought for. I do not enjoy having someone determine what is the proper thought process and this book clearly reveals a deep difference between the two groups. However, in the end, all of them wore the uniform and all of us suffered in our own ways.

The book is hard hitting and at times, tragic, dramatic, sad, angry, political, and even vulgar. In context of what the subject matter is and the emotional atmosphere involved it all works to give readers a gripping soulful look and feel for what these men went through. The book deals with PTSD and it lays out some of the social and psychological mine fields that they transverse in their daily lives. The words are like bullets to the heart and soul and there is plenty of ammunition for a true war for the soul!

This book is not an easy book to read emotionally - but I am grateful that these "memories" were captured so that we have a clearer view of what the real price of war is. There are some really moving personal tales in these pages. I hope that some veterans will not be tuned out by the chapter on the court martial. You do not have to agree with what these men did, or stood for, to see that they are damaged from the war as well.

Over-all this book gives us a good look at the issues of PTSD even when not directly focusing on that matter. My hope is that this book can serve as a bridge between veterans and those who did not serve. This is not an uplifting book to read but it is one that needs to be read and understood by all of us. In the end - war really is hell!


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