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Author:  Gaz Crittenden

Title:  Jungle Rules – A Novel of Viet Nam

Publisher:  Dan River Press

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

A War Story that will play to your heart and mind

Author, and a former 1st Cavalry veteran, Gaz Crittenden has written a bold and emotional novel about the men who fought in his war. “Jungle Rules – A Novel of Viet Nam” gives the reader colorful and action packed images created from the creative mind and heart of this former veteran. It is not “a feel good book” as it hits and explores parts of the human experience where normal people never dare tread. But he gives you a glimpse of what life may have been like for those men who did their “tour of duty” during one of America’s most turbulent times.

Crittenden guides the reader along as we bear witness to how the lead character “Target” evolves and changes the longer he is exposed to the insanity and the ethical fog of this war. Our “hero” begins his tour idealistic enough and even is appalled at the immoral actions of others when he is the new FNG in the company. However, he begins to lose his way on this journey and the reader can sense the terrible changes within him and the others in this story.

The phrasing is tight and the dialog is just enough to carry the reader through the jungles with this group of men. It will make you think and reflect not only on the wars of the past but also on what might be happening to the soldiers in battle fields now in Iraq; after all, soldiers are only human and the painful and spiritual damaging events of fighting an elusive enemy can take its emotional toll on all those touched by events.

The author obviously has a talent for telling a tale and even though this is just his first novel he writes like he has been doing this all his life. This is a recommended book to read for those seeking to gain some understanding of the human element of war and not just the Vietnam War. Add this to your reading list but be prepared to think and feel and empathize with those who have worn the various uniforms of battle. This book will alter your views on war, PTSD and why old vets are what they are today even decades after they walked “point” through some jungle long forgotten by history.


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