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Title:  I Will Never Give Up On God Again

Author:  Derek W. Clark

Publisher:  Never Limit Your Life Publishing

Reviewer: Jeff Edwards – AAA Member

I Will Never Give Up On God Again is a compelling account of one man’s struggle to discover himself and his Creator.

Derek Clark never met his biological father, but according to the social services reports, the man brutally abused him when he was an infant. Unfortunately, the stepfather who came after was not much better. But the real prize was his mother. At the age of five, Derek picked up some of the foul language that most children experiment with. Instead of washing his mouth out with soap, his mother ran a sink full of scalding water, and then forced his tiny hand into the blistering liquid and held it there while he screamed. As Derek informs the reader, his body, his heart, and his mind all still bear the scars.

Derek’s mother often called him the devil, and she rarely passed up a chance to tell him that he was an evil child. Shortly after the scalding incident, she turned him over to County Social Services. He wasn’t removed from her custody. She gave him up to Foster Care voluntarily. That knowledge was painful, but the true pain was knowing that she had kept his younger brother and his older sister. She hadn’t given away all of her children, only Derek.

The traumas of his childhood led Derek into a repetitive emotional spiral. He alternated between praying to God for help, cursing God for deserting him, and not believing in God at all. This cycle continued for years, and then decades, right into Derek’s adulthood. He remained angry at God, and unable to find any spiritual connection.

Everything changed on July 4, 2008. Derek calls that date his ‘Personal Independence Day.’ It began with a tragic swimming accident in Derek’s own back yard. The three year old daughter of a friend was drowned in Derek’s pool. But what started as a tragedy turned into a miracle. The child was delivered from death, and — after a lifetime of waiting — Derek was delivered from anger and doubt. He had finally discovered his connection to the Almighty. This book is the true story of that discovery, from Derek’s childhood to his triumphant rebirth as a child of God.

I Will Never Give Up On God Again is an inspiring journey from despair to redemption. It’s a must-read for any person who has ever doubted his or her faith.

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Moving and Inspirational!

Author and motivational speaker Derek W. Clark delivers a positive message for the suffering world. In his newest book, "I Will Never Give Up On God Again," he takes the readers on an emotional journey of self-discovery and how he finds his faith in God. You do not have to be a religious person to get something out of this book. The book may best be aimed at people like himself - as he used to be. His message is one directly from his heart and soul.

The book will inspire and perhaps even change a few people's lives - what more can one ask for from any book. The book is at times sad and may even bring the reader a few tears, but the message is well worth the journey. I strongly endorse this book and recommend it for your personal book shelf. It is a FIVE STAR BOOK from a FIVE STAR MAN!

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