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Title:  I Will Never Give Up

Author:  Derek W. Clark

Publisher:  Never Limit Your Life Publishing

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. AAA Founder

He Never Gave Up!

"I Will Never Give Up" is an autobiographical book by Derek W. Clark that more than lived up to this reviewer's expectations. I had expected an interesting memoir about a man I know to be a great singer and songwriter but it delivers more than just an astonishing account of the author's life. He also shares the lessons and insights that his life experiences have taught him. This book is truly inspiring on several levels.

The author could have turned his book into a hard-core tale of abuse and added the normal hurtful mutterings of blame by another victim of child abuse. However, he chooses to take the reader on a more inspirational journey. He shares some of positive attributes learned from his younger years of survival in a sensitive look back at a brutal past.

The emotional energy of this book is amazing stuff. It will cause the reader to experience great emotional lows and highs as we follow the neglect and abuse of a young man and his eventual rise above the past traumas to a place of true forgiveness. The book cannot help but touch some part of you in the process.

The book's power comes into focus as you see the author beginning to fight back for control of his life. He questions the very basic concepts of life itself including the role of the church, parents, and even God. The author does not force his personal life views on you and he doesn't worry about being politically correct either with the views expressed. The book comes across as an honest and authentic attempt to share one man's life experiences and why he is who he is today.

If you have ever been or know of someone who was a foster child this might be a great gift to give him or her. They might find a good role model for their own lives. This book will give them hope for their own journey.

The American Authors Association gives this book its highest book rating!

This book receives the Founder's Personal Recommendation.

Winner of the 2008 American Authors Association's Silver Quill Award!

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