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Author:  Theresa Grant

Title:  Hope & Desire

Publisher:  PublishAmerica

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

A Novel of Shattered Dreams and Hope!

Theresa Grant has written a unique story of a young woman whose dreams for her own life keep getting shattered and taken from her; but she continues to hope and dream. In the author’s novel “Hope & Desire” we follow the life of Jennifer Greene who wants to become a fashion designer and go to New York. Everything and everyone it seems is working against her dream. The story is one about her struggles and of her never surrendering her desire and hope that some how she will succeed.

Grant makes use of a rich and articulate dialog between her characters to advance the plot along. We begin to emotionally feel what life is like for her main character Jennifer as we continue to follow her life across the pages of this 100 page book. It is an easy book to read and enjoy if you have about two to three hours. Perfect book for a nice weekend reading session; I say this because once you start the story you will want to finish it in one sitting.

The author draws the reader into the heart break and disappointments of Jennifer’s life. I do not want to give any of the ending away but you will find it most satisfying after all the hardships Jennifer goes though. You will want to jump up and shout for her.

Theresa Grant has talent which will become obvious to the reader but she also has a personal inner fire of hope. Her novel’s underlying theme is about never giving up your dreams or your desires in spite of all that will and can happen in your life. It makes you wonder what detours in her own life she had to reroute around or jump over to find her own desires fulfilled.

The wording and the phrasing is not over done and works well with the telling of her tale. If your idea of a good entertaining novel is murder, intrigue, betrayal, romance and hope – then this is a great book for you.  Put this book on your short list of those you plan on buying and reading this year! You will not be disappointed.

The American Authors Association gives this book its FIVE STAR rating!


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