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Title:  Hear His Voice

Author:  Nancy Clark

Publisher:  PublishAmerica

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

A Sincere Look At The Mystical

There are some things about Nancy Clark’s wonderfully written book “Hear His Voice” that readers will find captivating, entertaining and very inspirational. Her sincere story telling style and pure honesty comes through in her autobiographical look at her spiritual life.

Her life story is both amazing and thought provoking; yet it comes across with almost a child like trust that those who read her story will understand what she has discovered on her own spiritual journey. Certainly she has bared her very soul and offered herself up for judgments.

The book will open up new vistas of understanding for some while perhaps confirming what others already believe. In either case, it makes little difference because the story and the lessons she has learned and shares make fascinating reading. It is one of those undiscovered little books that could become a best seller if published by a mainstream publishing house. Certainly the book’s cover does not do justice to what is inside – captured within its pages!

Nancy Clark comes across as the kind of friend that you would most enjoy spending some time with and talking about spiritual matters over a cup of tea. She is not pretentious in any way nor are there any signs of a big ego. She simply tells it like it happened and trusts that people will sort it out in their own way with an open mind and heart.

She has this profound mystical experience and it is the exploration of this spiritual event in her life that alters and changes her forever. She shares some of what she has learned from that experience, what it means to her and how she lives her life.

If you enjoy reading about spiritual and mystical matters and are looking for a book that will give you some personal spiritual growth – then this book is the one you were looking for!

I enjoyed the book very much and could identify with what she was saying in many ways – as I think other readers will as well. I gave this book The American Authors Association’s highest book rating! The book is really that good!  A must read and must buy book.

Hear His Voice receives the Founder's Personal Recommendation & Endorsement!

Winner of the 2008 American Authors Association's Honorable Mention Award!

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