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Reviews (by Title)

Title:  Emotions Clothed In Poetry

Author:  Joe Fabel

Publisher:  PublishAmerica

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Poet Joe Fabel is an emotional part of the American heartland when it comes to capturing the feelings and aspirations of each of us. His book “Emotions Clothed In Poetry” is a very well written example of that kind of prose. His poetry is clean and pure in an age when four letter words and freedom of sex are mere excuses for illiterate ramblings called prose! In his opening poem he ponders “what led to this moment?” Then he goes on to capture the essence of relationships and life with his journey of words.

These poems are a reflection of what is good and right about life itself – even when he stops to question things, it sets the stage for more revelations from his soul. I have not enjoyed reading such wonderful poems since my college days when Robert Frost was a companion to us real students of poetry. I can almost feel myself taking a trip with Fabel as he brings us a visual autumn in the Berkshires, or off to the small fishing village of Glouster. His words function like a magic carpet ride for the heart.

One of the best lines for me personally comes from his poem “The Capturing Amber of Interviewing” when he opens with these words “Emigration is the birth certificate of homesteads;” he says a lot with little effort and few words. I smiled reading his poem about Jack London. I could just see Joe and Jack being good friends and wandering through life if they had shared those same decades together.

This is not just a book of words and thoughts—it is about real emotions and real people and places. There is nothing superficial in these poems nor are they light weight attempts at some emotional profundity. Joe works as a true craftsman and is able to create a message without beating the reader up with useless wordage and obscure images. His poetry may seem simple but they are clothed in much deeper emotional meaning than a casual read might think. His words come from inside a man who has spent his whole life in search of God, himself and the meaning of it all! We, the readers of his prose, are blessed to share his observations as he has taken us on his emotional and spiritual journey of discovery though his book.

If you are like me, you may find the experience of reading Joe Fabel’s poems transforming in some almost spiritual way and certainly inspiring. A test of a great book of poetry is if it changes your thought process, or if the poet’s words keep echoing around inside your mind for days after you read them—for me it has achieved both. I feel secure that I will not be alone in my feelings after you have read his book of poetry! Enjoy and discover for yourself what I have found.


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