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Author:  Robert E. Best

Title:  Deception From The Other Side

Publisher:  iUniverse

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Paranormal Experiences along with the Author’s Strong Religious Views

Robert Best writes about some of his own personal experiences with the paranormal and with his recordings of EVP ( Electronic Voice Phenomenon). In his book “Deception From The Other Side” he goes into some details about how he recorded these “voices” at graveyards and other places. He also talks about his encounters with demons, spirits, ghosts and other phenomenon.

He projects his religious beliefs and convictions (Appear to be founded on Pentecostal or Charismatic teachings) and he is not afraid to make them known. Throughout his book he brings the reader many bible passages and references along with his personal take on things to show the dangers of other belief systems and religions. He is not writing a book that is out to unite all religions or to find common religious ground but to establish the superiority of his own belief system. He writes from a firm belief that what he has found is the answer for everyone and he feels a desire and need to share it.

He states that there are several practices that can bring demons into ones life. He calls them entry points – like “a window or door to the soul”. He is not necessarily taking just about demonic possession but about demonic influence or oppression which can lead to possession. His long list of these include some of the following: meditation, generation curses, influence from other people, the practice of martial arts, religions such as Hinduism & Buddhism, mental illness, chronic physical illness, childhood doorways (ghostly visitations), occult practices, participation in false religions, wrong use of herbs, pornography, fascination with UFO phenomena, and chanting.

He seems very certain and secure in his own faith and belief system and makes no bones about how he feels about those other religious practices as is echoed in his use of the phrase “participation in false religions” – one can infer that those must be all non-Christian faiths and a host of other Christian faiths that do not fully subscribe to a more “Charismatic model” that he seems to follow.

Best is not trying to offend anyone on purpose and believes that is he delivering something special for the world to read and understand. The reader can conclude that he would really like to make this world a better place but one that reflects more of his own value system. If you are not of his religious persuasion you may not agree with much that he writes about. However, if you have an open mind and want to learn how others feel and what they believe in their hearts to be their “truth” —then reading his book may be a walk on the “wild side” for your spirit. This book certainly is not to everyone’s liking but it certainly can generate a good discussion and debate and might even lead readers to rediscover their own personal faiths better.

I have no personal recommendations one way or the other on this book. My feelings are that those who are in agreement with Robert Best’s religious beliefs will find great value and enjoyment from reading his story. I do not think he is looking to please all readers. He wrote this to a limited audience of those who might be ready for his kind of message.


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