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Author:  Kathy Barnes, Ph.D. and Jody Berg

Title:  Daddy Misses Kisses and Candy at War

Publisher:  AuthorHouse

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

A Book For Young Children Who Have a Parent At War

Rarely are there any books for children that allow them the freedom to express their feelings like “Daddy Misses Kisses and Candy at War.” Authors Kathy Barnes, Ph.D. and Jody Berg have written a book aimed at that young group of 2-5 year olds who have to deal with having a parent away at war. That is a difficult thing for young people to understand let alone deal with.

Their book is a gentle journey through some of the real emotions and fears that these youngsters might be feeling. The authors have provided places in the book where they can write, draw or express their own feelings with a little help from an adult. The book is a simple tool for a serious issue for not only children but also all families who have someone they love in harm’s way.

The book is well thought out and makes good use of photos to make it more interesting for children. I strongly recommend this book to all military families with small children who have someone deployed to any war zone. It can become a useful tool to help you with your small children during this period.

Reviewer: Joe Fabel – AAA Vice President

This is a most important contribution to those families with a father or mother serving in foreign countries. The children left behind are the ones who are “missing in action.”

Without a means such as this book, the children are unable to express their hopes, fears and yearnings about the parent not there each evening for them to see, to touch, to speak with, with whom to play their favorite games.

The children know that the parent is not there for them each day. What they need is the means to make contact; the child must be able to do and say to the missing parent what is in their hearts and minds.

Absence must not be an abstraction for the children. Each child needs to understand where the parent is living, what that parent is daily doing, and, especially, that the “away parent” loves them completely. This book will prove to be an important means of assistance for the “home parent” to help the child combat loneliness and misunderstanding, twins of childhood confusion. It is arranged in language and work pages for the very young child, the preschooler.

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