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Author:  Robert Saniscalchi

Title:  Bullets and Bandages

Publisher:  Bedside Books

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

A Realistic Portrayal of The Vietnam War From a Medic’s Point of View

Rarely, if ever, can non-veterans write and create any kind of realistic tale about combat and capture the subtleness and the fullness of the emotional and spiritual chaos related to battle. Author Robert Saniscalchi is certainly one of the exceptions and he apparently listened very well (not only with his ears and mind but with his heart!) to his brother’s stories about his tour in Nam. This is a first rate tale as seen from the point of view of his leading character, who is a combat medic. We are treated to a moving fictional account of what it was really like in Vietnam. The book “Bullets And Bandages” has already created some good “buzz” from those who have read it.

The author opens and closes his storyline with a visit by his main character to his best friend’s father to talk about his son’s death and what life was like for them in Vietnam. He fills the in-between pages with a riveting account that is at times graphic, horrific, even loving. The story-line moves well from cover to cover and is really a well thought out book.

This is just the author’s first book but has proven that he can tell a great story It is a very readable book and one that will stay with you long after you put the book down. It is moving and it can be very emotional. It is recommended for mature readers only!

Reviewer: Joe Fabel – AAA Vice President

Can an author successfully convey the fear, the anxiety, the adrenaline rush that another undergoes when in a combat situation? Robert Saniscalchi’s book is a retelling of his brother’s experiences in Vietnam. It is based upon stories related during their trips together traveling to fishing holes.

Assigned as a medic, his brother faced fierce life threatening moments while fighting the VC and dressing the wounds of his buddies. The closeness which comes when facing death together, when you must depend completely upon the guy next to you, is fully portrayed in this novel.

You will find officers who know what is needed for command as well as officers who should never have been assigned a leadership role. The golden rule is that the men must come first in every situation. Keep your head; pay attention; lock and load. The enemy wants desperately to kill you.

I have not met his brother so I don’t know if he could have conveyed a more emotional and riveting story. Robert appears to do justice to his brother’s actions and thoughts in the battles he faced.

You will learn much about the challenges of combat in this book.


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