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Title:  BAND of SISTERS: American Women at War in Iraq

Author:  Kirsten Holmstedt


Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

A Future Military Classic – Destined for the greatness!

The non-fiction book “Band of Sisters: American Women at War in Iraq” is truly an amazing chronicle that finally gives us access to a more complete history of the Iraq War. Gripping testimonies from our women warriors. This powerful account of women on the battlefield gives us a different understanding of what comradeship is all about! This could very well be about your sister, wife, mother, daughter or your girlfriend. She is out there risking her life and soul as part of our new military force. A must read by all Americans!

“What price freedom?” The experiences of these women give us a totally different and profound look at that question. This book is destined to become a military classic! There is power in these stories that must be shared. The American Authors Association gives this book its highest book rating of FIVE STARS and its recommendation as a must read book!

War has no gender and neither does courage or death. This book explores the role of women warriors on the battlefields in Iraq. It also explores the meaning of what comradeship is all about. It is an amazing tale of sisters, mothers, daughters and women of all backgrounds who risked life and soul to fight alongside their brothers. A must read!

Bombs and bullets are equal opportunity killers—it makes no distinction to what gender the warrior is. Our military women in Iraq chronicle a story that needed to be told. Our nation needs to listen and acknowledge what they have done and continue doing. They are a sisterhood of warriors like no nation has ever known the likes of! It is a tale of terror, courage, fear, loyalty, and survival. A must read book by all Americans!

Reviewer: Joe Fabel – AAA Vice President

 “If you fail to try, you have already failed.” Wow, powerful stuff! Yet, this attitude infused the individuals portrayed in this “book about women at war.” A number of them chose military positions fraught with the need to prove oneself to male counterparts.

“Women don’t belong in combat!” This stance was rampart throughout the several branches of service until most recently. Those first women high achievers, many mentioned by name, rank and assignment, are the subject matter of Kirsten Holmstedt’s challenging book. They broke the gender barriers by proving themselves the best of the best, not just the best woman.

Medics, truck drivers, plane handlers, pilots, commanders; you name it. All of the military positions were joined by these dedicated individuals, who just happened to the female. Their achievements speak for themselves as true warriors.

The women remain women throughout. It was not necessary to mentally change gender.

Each accepted that she had to overcome stereotyping by the “boy’s locker room mentality.” And, rewardingly, each proved up to the task given her. Each earned the honor bestowed upon her as a military individual dedicated to her country.

They didn’t attempt to be different; they just proved that they were equally qualified and prepared to perform their roles in the several branches of the service. And prove it they did! They deserve our praise and gratitude.

Winner of the 2007 Golden Quill Award - Military Genre

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