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Title:  A Time To Tell

Author:  Maria Savva

Publisher:  Pen Press Publishers, Ltd.

Reviewer: Jeff Edwards – AAA member

Strangely compelling, A Time to Tell is a mesmerizing tale of forbidden love and dark family secrets.

Cara has been battling Multiple Sclerosis for more than three decades, and losing the fight one painful inch at a time. She’s been bedridden for the past five years, her view of the world reduced to the little slice that she can see through the net curtains of her bedroom window. She’s an old woman now. Her body is failing, and she can no longer take care of herself. She lives with her granddaughter Penelope, and Penelope’s husband David. It’s not a happy home, and Cara has very little to be happy about. But life hadn’t always been like this. Cara had been young once, and in love…

She’d met Frederick Johnson in August of 1952. He had been good looking and exciting, and Cara had made no attempt to deny the passion that flared between them. It was like a fairytale. She was going to marry the man of her dreams. But Frederick couldn’t marry Cara, and when he told her why, he shattered her dreams so completely that she hurled herself off a cliff.

When Billy pulled her from the sea, he was saving more than Cara’s life. He was saving her future. When he married her, it seemed that she might get the fairytale ending after all. But their beautiful son, Benjamin was born with Frederick’s dark hair and good looks, and Cara realized that her past might not be finished haunting her yet.

Over the next half century, her family grew, and changed — even as Cara grew and changed. There were triumphs and failures, joys and tragedies, love and betrayal. Through it all, Cara watched her children, and then her grandchildren pay the terrible price of her past mistakes.

There is a season for all things. There is a time to live, and a time to die. And for Cara, there is finally a time to tell. She has carried her secret for more than fifty years, and the time has come for the truth to see the light of day. In her moment of revelation, she learns that hers is not the only secret. There are truths that even she doesn’t know.

A Time to Tell reminds us that time does not heal all wounds. There must also be forgiveness.


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