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Reviews (by Author)

Reviews (by Title)

Author:  Akef Tayem

Title: A Muslim, the Quran and Jesus the Son of Mary

Publisher:  Sons of Abraham Ministries

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

A Muslim’s Conversion to Christianity - His Reasons Why

Some people will find author Akef Tayem’s outlook on the differences and historic foundations of the three great religions (Christianity, Islam and the Jewish faiths) rather unique and thought provoking. His book “A Muslim The Quran And Jesus The Son of Mary” (Subtitled : A Palestinians Journey from the Crescent to the Cross) is like nothing else out there in religious books. His comments and thoughts are the kind of thing that could put his own life at risk with certain groups in many places around the globe. He shows some courage in exploring the questions that he does in his book.

His thinking and explorations of the holy texts from all three religions have caused him to rethink some of the fundamental things about his own historic spiritual roots. The book is full of references and notes to explain his thought process as he takes you along on an educational tour of his former Muslim beliefs and how he has evolved and became a Christian.

This book is very scholarly written and the author does a good job of educating the reader and presenting his views. He is full of passion and energy as he tackles what he sees as fabricated stories and mistaken beliefs about the missing Gospel that Jesus was given.

This book will give the reader a better understanding of not only the differences between the religions but also an awareness that they are all from the same basic foundation. This is not a book that would be considered light reading but if you had the time and were looking for more understanding about what is going on in the world today based on what people are being taught and what they are lead to believe.

Reviewer: E. A. Kruger – Education Administrator


Astounded. I was completely astounded at how this author took the three major world religions; Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and summed them up in a less than 250 page book. He not only explained the gist of these major religions but their origins and how they influenced each others’ beginnings. I found this most fascinating. His methodology is to be commended. He used a practical approach that I imagined most everyday people would use when undertaking such a path of self discovery.

As an American living in a post 911 world, he also explains the religion we Americans fear most at this time. He does this in a detailed and understandable manner. Because of this, I am less afraid of the Islamic religion in the religious sense, I am however just as concerned as ever in its ideological lack of tolerance for other religions. Overall this is a good theological read that is not overly complex in its explanations.

The added conversion of Mr. Tayem in the last chapter was courageous in the least. I can only imagine the pain he suffered from the backlash of his own family. The challenge of searching out ones own spiritual beliefs in hopes of proving they are warranted of your personal devotion, is a daunting but necessary one. I recommend this book for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike in hopes of finding a common ground of respect of each others religions.

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